Clinical Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy of NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER LIHUILI HOSPITAL is committed to constructing the clinical pharmacy specialty as the leading presence in Ningbo and the first-in-rate in Zhejiang Province that features “patient-centered and rational clinical use of drugs, which is believed as one of the new round of key medicine disciplines in Ningbo. The Department of Pharmacy administers the Chinese and Western Pharmacy for Outpatients, Emergency Pharmacy, Pharmacy for Inpatients, Intravenous Drug Admixture Center, Preparation Room, Clinical Pharmacy, and Drug Storehouse, with a full set of quality control systems and talent pools. There are nearly 200 pharmacy specialists and technicians with a definitive team formation and a reasonable talent structure. It stands at a higher level in respect of pharmacy administration and pharmacy service capabilities. Conferred the "Hospital Pharmacy Management Excellence Award of Zhejiang" for five years in a row from 2015 to 2019; some pharmacists passed the provincial prescription pharmacist training and obtained certificates. The Department of Pharmacy organized practical training for prescription pharmacists in medical institutions of Zhejiang, and is designated as the practical training base for prescription review pharmacists in medical institutions in Zhejiang; with a team of clinical pharmacists and teachers demonstrating proven specialist pharmacy service capability and scientific research level, the department is a reserve unit of delivering standard training base for clinical pharmacists of the Clinical Pharmacy Branch of the Chinese Medical Association.

The Department of Pharmacy has framed a clinical pharmacy service system targeted at promoting rational drug use and combining scientific research with services, and is gradually transiting to the rendering of high-quality pharmacy services for clinical use. With efforts made to enhance the pharmacy administration practice, earnestly strengthen the whole process management ranging from drug screening, purchasing, prescription review, prescription dispensing, clinical application, to evaluation, the Department of Pharmacy is making innovation attempts to draw up pharmacy administration measures in line with the reform requests. Pooling investments in software and hardware, the Department has brought pharmacy administration and pharmacy services to the levels of information, automation and gridding, and enhanced the pharmacy administration levels and pharmacy service capacity. Its main research interests include:

1. To conduct scientific research for clinical use: including the targeting and regulation of drugs related to cardiovascular diseases and the mode of action; the pharmacogenic liver injury and its liver drug enzyme activity; and the drug therapeutics for nerve damage repair.

2. To actively frame an information management system underlying rational drug use: including the discipline management information system, rational drug use information system and the promotion of single-dose dispensing mode.

3. To seek how to promote the formation of high-quality pharmacy service project: including the delivery of pharmacist specialty clinics (cardiovascular specialist pharmacist clinic, MTM pharmacist clinic, PMCC cough and asthma pharmacy service clinic); multidisciplinary combined clinics (cardiovascular combined clinic, neurology combined clinic, outpatient chemotherapy combined clinic); rendering of pharmacy services (directing primary pharmacists to render door-to-door pharmacy service, giving pharmacy administration support, constructing the Medical Alliance Prescription Review Center); the pharmacist outpatient team in collaboration with clinical specialties delivered patient education and charity clinics.

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