Breast Surgery

The Breast Surgery Department of NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER LIHUILI HOSPITAL, considered as highly distinctive discipline, is an independent Level 3 discipline department with integrated features of diagnosis, treatment, plastic surgery, scientific research and instruction of breast diseases, Ningbo Chest Tumor Treatment Center (Breast Cancer Sub-Center), Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation 2025 Major Specialized Team (Breast Cancer Sub-Team), among the new round of key disciplines in Ningbo, and with proven first-in-kind treatment technology and nursing care.

As guided by the principle of serving the best interests of patient, with the aim of minimizing trauma and maximizing profit, this discipline focuses on the combined therapy of breast-conserving reconstruction, the present breast-conserving exceeds 50%, standing at the forefront of China. The department has established a patient database, a follow-up database and a biospecimen database, carried out a series of clinical studies, instructed patients to have self-management, earnestly improved the patient compliance and increased the cure rate. Sticking to the development of the discipline, the department has been granted the only qualification for clinical drug trials in the field of specialty in Ningbo, and is now conducting a series of Phase III and IV clinical studies, and providing free treatment to some recurring and metastatic patients, which in turn increases the likelihood of survivals.

The department is opened in two districts, Dongbu District and Xingning District, with 70 beds available, 6 chief physicians, 7 associate chief physicians, 1 expert with special contribution in Ningbo, 1 leading and top talent from Ningbo, 2 master candidate mentors, and 1 psychological rehabilitator.

The Department of Breast Surgery, known for its prominent strengths, rational distribution, and close attention to development, stands at the forefront of Ningbo and has an access to better reputation in Zhejiang Province. In recent years, it has developed in respect of clinical, scientific research and instruction. The breast-conserving rate for early stage breast cancer is over 50% and the armpit-conserving rate is over 55%, marking its presence at the forefront of Zhejiang Province for the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The increased levels of influence over the periphery of Ningbo are attracting patients from Taizhou, Zhoushan and Shaoxing, with over 10% of the admitted patients coming from other places other than Ningbo.

The number of patients operated is over 3,000 a year, with a bed rotation rate of about 5.20 days. The number of breast cancer surgeries has been increasing year on year at a ratio above 10%, with DRGs ranking the eighth place in Zhejiang; over 2,500 surgeries are performed for benign breast tumors a year, 90% of which are done using minimally invasive techniques. The Breast Surgery Department operates a year-round outpatient clinic with annual consultations over 60,000. The Breast Surgery Clinic includes VIP clinic, famous doctor clinic, specialist clinic and specialty clinic, which can suit the clinical needs of patients at multiple levels and aspects.

The Department of Breast Surgery routinely performs the following procedures: breast-conserving surgery (breast conservation), sentinel lymph node biopsy (armpit conservation), modified radical breast cancer, breast reconstruction (prosthetic reconstruction and autologous tissue reconstruction), breast surgeries under lumpectomy (breast-conserving surgery, mastectomy, paramastrectomy, gynecomastia), and minimally invasive excision of benign breast tumors.

The Department of Breast Surgery is associated with several "firsts in Ningbo": "the first case of sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer (2005)", "the first case of modified radical breast cancer with concurrent latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction (2007)", "the first laparoscopic breast-conserving surgery with a tipped greater omental graft to replace a breast defect (2013)" and "the first laparoscopic axillary lymph node dissection (2015)".

Owing to the immense support from our leaders, the kind assistance of superior hospitals in and out of Zhejiang Province and the pooled efforts of all medical and nursing staff, the department provides the whole process management of breast cancer, multidisciplinary collaboration and individualized precision treatment in the combined diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, benchmark the treatment concept with international standards, gives individualized chemotherapy, radiotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and endocrine therapy suited to pathology and molecular typing, in order to improve the prognosis of patients. For patients with terminal breast cancer, the department never gives up and tailors individualized combined treatment protocols for different patients with satisfactory results attained.

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