Department of Sports Medicine

Established in 2013, the Department of Sports Medicine at NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER LIHUILI HOSPITAL is one of the earliest sports medicine departments in Ningbo, and is a new round of medical key disciplines in Ningbo. It now performs arthroscopic surgery on five major joints including knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and hip, and the arthroscopic surgery technology of shoulder and knee has been recognized at the forefront across the nation. "Lihuili Hospital Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery Forum" held for eight sessions in a row delivers a certain influence in Zhejiang and even across the nation.

The Department of Sports Medicine stands the international forefront in the treatment and research of giant rotator cuff tears and rotator cuff re-tears. Knee-conserving treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee joint is also a special medical technology project rolled out by the department, which heavily relieves the pain and economic burden endured by patients. Arthroscopic treatment of foot orthopedics and foot and ankle diseases delivers a certain brand identity in Ningbo and Zhejiang Province and is recognized by patients and peer physicians. In line with the current medical concept of "minimally invasive" and "rapid rehabilitation", the minimally invasive hip arthroscopic treatment of hip joint diseases has gradually rolled out and maintained a good momentum in the past three years. As a crucial treatment option of sports medicine, the prescription and customized sports rehabilitation that have been performed recently complement to the treatment protocol of sports injuries, relieve the patient’s pain, and ease the financial burden.

All sorts of operations have been routinely performed at the Department of Sports Medicine: 1. Simple and complex shoulder joint operations: including recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint, shoulder joint adhesion, rotator cuff injury and fracture, improving the life quality levels of many  patients with shoulder joint diseases, and expanding the sphere of influence in Eastern Zhejiang and this field. Over 5,000 cases of shoulder joint surgeries have been performed, especially the technical level of repairing huge rotator cuff tear stands at the forefront in Zhejiang Province. 2. Simple and complex knee joint surgeries: including knee medial and lateral collateral ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries or ruptures, patellofemoral joint instability, patellar tendon ruptures. Over 5,000 knee joint surgeries have been performed so far, in which the meniscus injury has been routinely included as a day operation, bringing enormous convenience for the visiting patients with knee joints. 3. Simple and complex foot and ankle surgeries: including ankle fractures, Achilles tendon ruptures, talus osteochondral injuries, chronic ankle instability, over 1,000 ankle joint surgeries have been performed so far, especially the ankle joint fusion and ankle arthroscopy stands at the forefront within the city spanning. 4. Arthroscopic treatment of lateral epicondylitis of humerus, stiffness of elbow joint and injury of medial ligamentous muscle device of elbow joint. 5. Treatment of acetabular labrum injury and hip impingement syndrome.

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