Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery of NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER LIHUILI HOSPITAL is one of the largest otolaryngology and head and neck disease diagnosis and research centers in Zhejiang Province, the initiating unit of the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Alliance in Eastern Zhejiang, and the network member of the National Clinical Research Center for Otolaryngology, the first volume of national standard training bases for resident physicians, the first volume of key disciplines co-established by Zhejiang and Ningbo, the doctoral and master's degree awarding point of Ningbo University, the doctoral degree awarding point of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the first volume of the Top 10 branded medical disciplines in Ningbo.

The discipline has outstanding talents such as experts with special allowances from the State Council, second-level post experts, provincial health high-level talents, provincial medical rookies, Ningbo’s famous doctors, city leaders and top-notch talents, and municipal science and technology dream chasers among other elites, including 10 chief physicians, 8 deputy chief physicians, 2 doctoral supervisors and 9 master supervisors. With 3 wards and 135 beds available, the department operates nearly 9,000 surgeries a year. As the first domestic operator of hypopharynx reconstruction with tongue flaps, the department is an advanced representative in respect of the combined therapy of throat head and neck tumors and free tissue flap repair, ear and nose related skull base surgery and modern ear microsurgery, stands at the forefront of Zhejiang Province in respect of the precise treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, vertigo, tinnitus and deafness, undertakes more than 10 major innovation projects of the National Fund, Provincial Fund and Ningbo innovation projects, and is conferred 16 science and technology awards at the provincial and municipal levels.

The Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Center with integrated features of clinical trials, scientific research and instructions is expected to solicit first-in-kind talents at home and abroad, set up a central laboratory and a postdoctoral mobile station, frame an innovative scientific research platform, and turn into a national and regional training and exchange base for key specialty elites. 

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