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NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER LIHUILI HOSPITAL, founded by the patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Li Huili in 1993 and supported by the municipal government of Ningbo, is among the first volume of Grade III Level A general hospitals of Ningbo. In 2011, in response to the decision and arrangement by the municipal government, Ningbo Medical Center started the task of contracting the construction of NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER LIHUILI DONGBU HOSPITAL and put it into operation on 19 December 2015. To date, it has evolved to Ningbo City East Medical Center. In April 2019, Ningbo Medical Center was restructured as the affiliated hospital of Ningbo University and added the first name of “The Affiliated Lihuili Hospital of Ningbo University”. In August 2019, the Affiliated Lihuili Hospital of Ningbo University was recombined with Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Dongbu Hospital, making up the restructured organization of Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Hospital (with the “Affiliated Lihuili Hospital of Ningbo University” added as the second name), two hospital zones (Xingning Hospital Zone, Dongbu Hospital Zone) under its administration fulfill the mission statement of “integrated management, medical care of identical grade”. Xingning Hospital zone is addressed at No.57 Xingning Road, covers an area of about 87 mu and serves over 800 beds, the Medical Complex Building is scheduled to be put into use in 2023, and the General Research Building (New #2 Building) is scheduled to be put into use in 2024. Dongbu Hospital Zone is addressed at No.1111 Jiangnan Road, Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of about 80 mu and serves over 1,200 beds, the Health Building is about to commence construction. Ningbo Medical Center is administering 4 key disciplines collaborated by provincial and municipal authorities, 1 regional specialty medical center of Zhejiang, 3 branded disciplines at the municipal level, 7 key disciplines and supported specialties, 5 quality control centers at the municipal level, 7 research centers and labs, with 3,746 staff members in service, 699 holders of senior technical titles, 90 doctors and 833 masters. 

As one of the leading founders of Ningbo Medical Engineering (Military-Civilian) Integration Innovation Institute, the hospital sought to partner with CHINA WEAPON SCIENCE ACADEMY NINGBO BRANCH and established strategic collaborations with Zhejiang University School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital (Shanghai Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics), and Xi'an Jiaotong University Institute of Translational Medicine, which in turn revealed its fearlessness, persistence and prudence. The hospital has ranked among the Top 10 in Zhejiang and rated A+ in the state-wide performance assessment of Grade III public hospitals. In the 2022 DRG quality performance assessment for Zhejiang Grade III hospitals,the hospital ranked the first place in respect of CMI index, the six place in Zhejiang in respect of the number and percentage of intractable cases, and the third place in Zhejiang in respect of Level 3 and 4 surgeries (in particular, Level 4 surgery cases as the eighth place in Zhejiang), the above key indexes stood the first place in Ningbo; of the 72 diseases and surgical procedures monitored, 11 are among the Top 5 in Zhejiang, and 43 among the Top 10, with proven capability in disease diagnosis and treatment ahead of the eastern part of Zhejiang, especially the diagnosis and treatment of intractable cases and major surgical procedures.

Over the years, NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER has deepened the reform, stayed positive and ambitious, and driven the long-standing development of all programs in line with the mission statement of constructing the first-in-rate provincial, the state-wide well-known modern health center, benchmarked with the purpose of practicing benevolent mind and heart and delivering benefits, and adhering to the ethical values of virtues, prudence, innovation and excellence. In turn, it has been conferred some honors and awards including “National Health System Advanced Collective”, “China Top 100 Hospital with People’s Content”, “Zhejiang Civilized Unit”, “Zhejiang Advanced Unit for Moral Ethics”, “Zhejiang Advanced Collective for COVID-19 Responses”, “Zhejiang Outstanding Unit for Clean Governance”, and “Zhejiang Elder-friendly Medical Institution”. With business recombination of two hospitals, NINGBO MEDICAL CENTER fuels on the “Healthy Ningbo Initiative” and boosts Ningbo’s health care in the forefront of high-quality development, in line with the development goal of forming a new highland for Ningbo’s health care and regional health center. 

Seeking stronger Party building, pursuing the excellence of Party members

Efforts should be made to consolidate the president accountability system under the leadership of the Party Committee on a full scale. To intensify the Party’s leadership over the hospital, and form the management pattern of centralized leadership of the Party Committee, collaborative and cooperative operation of the Party and government administration. It is now a five-star-rated community Party organization affiliated to the municipal authority, and the Party building case has been conferred the “Best Practice Case Award” in the third national campaign "Searching for Innovative Cases of Party Building in Health Authorities" campaign.

Clean governance is the cornerstone of fostering a good political ecosystem. The Party committee resolutely assumes the primary responsibility and proactively coordinates “four responsibilities”. The Discipline Inspection Commission of the hospital focus on the primary responsibilities and activities, seek innovation in respect of the mechanism, put the lean management into practice, forge a regulatory platform based on big data, stress an equal emphasis given to solid foundation and innovative methods, and strengthen the supervision and discipline accountability function from time to time. The well-designed "one screen, one gallery, one wall and one network" was chosen as one of the “clean governance culture cloud map” community practice base of Ningbo. The extracted “3+4+5 procedure” for grid-based supervision was exchanged and promoted in the system, and conferred the award in the final of the 2021 third national contest for high-quality development of hospitals, highlighting the “Huili Business Card” under the clean governance. 

Keeping the bottom line on COVID-19 control. During the Chinese New Year in 2020, 39 medical staff marched to Wuhan in response to COVID-19, making the hospital the medical institution dispatching the largest number of supporting members in Ningbo. In reliance of precise deployment, scientific prevention and control, the hospital took the lead to roll out the emergency response drills for COVID-19 incidents, introduced the checkpoint system to implement strict access control of persons entering and leaving the inpatient department. Renovated the emergency room and the fourth floor of the infection building in the Dongbu Hospital zone, and enforced the control of patients with severe fever in line with the “three zones and two aisles” criteria. The first mobile cabin fever clinic suited to local conditions was highly recognized and affirmed by municipal leaders, all counties and urban areas paid visits and offered suggestions for making COVID-19 responses. With large-scale NAT collection and testing tasks in place, the hospital cemented the emergency response mechanism, readily organized eight sampling mobile forces, dispatched 1,891 persons in 15 units to support Zhenhai, Yuyao and Shangyu respectively, with over 300,000 people sampled. The number and efficiency of these supporting persons were unanimously commended and rated by the provincial, municipal, district and county authorities. 

Striving for premium disciplines, making good use of the talents 

Four nationally recognized brands: Chest Pain Center, Stroke Center, Atrial Fibrillation Center, Heart Failure Center

National Grade II Epilepsy Center

Among the first national bases for cerebral haemorrhage surgery

National Nutrition Education and Guidance Center for Tumour Patients

Among the first volume of "Standard Gout Diagnostic and Treatment Service Center" in China

The construction unit of trauma treatment center affiliated to China Trauma Treatment Union

China Anti-cancer Association "Pilot Unit of Standard Targeted Treatment for Terminal Colorectal Cancer”

National designated medical institution for colorectal polyp management project

National Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease Screening Base Discipline

China Esophageal Gastric Varices Treatment Base

Regional Center for Dangerous Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Treatment

Provincial and municipal key disciplines: Department of General Surgery, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Head And Neck Surgery, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine

Zhejiang Regional Special Disease Center: Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Zhejiang Clinical Medical Research Center (Kidney and Urinary System Diseases)

Zhejiang Designated Hospital for Cochlear Implantation Surgery

Initiating unit of Eastern Zhejiang Grand Vessel and Heart Alliance

Initiating unit of Eastern Zhejiang Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Alliance

Ningbo Regional Lung Cancer Treatment and Demonstration Center of Zhejiang "Love Lung Project

Co-establishing unit of Eastern Zhejiang Urological Center

Ningbo health branded disciplines: Cardiac Macrovascular Disease Treatment Center, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Disease Treatment Center, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Disease Treatment Center

Municipal key disciplines: sports medicine

Municipal key support specialized diseases: anorectal surgery, thoracic surgery, breast surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, clinical pharmacy              

Ningbo Clinical Medical Research Center for Thoracic Tumors and Malignancies       

Ningbo Clinical Medical Research Center for Tumors of the Digestive System (Co-establishment)                     

Ningbo Medical Engineering (Military-Civilian) Integration Innovation Institute  

Ningbo Organ Transplantation Research Center 

Ningbo Key Laboratory of Organ Transplants

Ningbo Cardiac Surgery Center

Ningbo Quality Control Center for Pharmacy Administration

Ningbo Quality Control Center for Interventional Cardiovascular Disease

Ningbo Hyperbaric Medical Quality Control Center

Ningbo Medical Records Quality Control Center

692 as holders of senior titles, 79 as holders of doctoral degrees and 779 as holders of master degrees

30 are serving titles in national academic associations, including 1 vice-chairman, 7 members of the standing committee and 2 directors.

49 are serving as vice-chairmen, vice-president standing committee members and council members in provincial academic associations.

15 are serving as chairmen in municipal medical associations.

9 experts are entitled to the special allowances of the State Council

1 award-winner of the “National May Day Labor Medal”

5 advanced individuals of the national health system

3 high-level innovative talents of Zhejiang Province

1 award-winner of the provincial benevolence award

6 new medical talents from Zhejiang Province

2 award-winners of the “Ningbo Physicians Lifetime Achievement Award”

5 experts with outstanding contribution of Ningbo

5 leading specialists of Ningbo Dual-excellence Talent Award Outstanding Discipline

6 Top 10 famous doctors of Ningbo

5 leading and top talents at Tier 1, 2 and 3 of Ningbo

Quality oriented, safety first 

In January 2006, among the first volume of Grade 3 Level A general hospitals in Ningbo. Currently as the affiliated institutions of Ningbo Quality Control Center for Pharmacy Administration, Ningbo Quality Control Center for Interventional Cardiovascular Disease, Ningbo Hyperbaric Medical Quality Control Center, and Ningbo Medical Case Quality Control Center, and conferred the “Zhejiang Province Pharmacy Management Merit Award” for many years in a row.

With full-on quality and safety management and control in place, the hospital organized the quality safety management and control year, reconciled the homogeneous management platform for VTE, critical value, and adverse events, optimized and supplemented the control procedure for filing new technologies and projects, and rolled out the full-scale quality safety process management system. Initiated the ward touring in hospital, the task force led by officers conducted a full-on inspection of the department management, quality and safety, core technologies, scientific research and operational efficiency over the disciplines in both hospital zones, and accurately “felt the pulse” of the development of disciplines.

Practicing benevolent mind and heart and delivering benefits

Adhering to the original intention of public welfare and bearing social responsibility, the hospital gave responses to the state call for medical assistance, and lent a helping hand in the anti-SARS campaign and the Wenchuan earthquake relief; dispatched 17 staff to support Africa, Xinjiang and Tibet; dispatched 39 staff as members of the state-sponsored medical team to resist the viral transmission of COVID-19 in early 2020; by the end of 2021, organized 3,600 staff in 9 teams to support the NAT sampling in Zhenhai, Yuyao, Shangyu and Beilun; organized blood donation across the hospital every year, with the number of volunteers and volume of blood donation ranked among the top levels in municipal medical system, conferred the “National Award for the Promotion of Blood Donation”. In 2012, built up the “Delivering Benefits Volunteer Service Team”; in 2018, established the E-fund; in 2020, established the “Delivering Benefits Charity Fund”. In line with the core values of “ethical values of virtues, prudence, innovation and excellence”, benchmarked with the purpose of practicing benevolent mind and heart and delivering benefits, strove to attain the vision of “constructing the first-in-rate provincial, the state-wide well-known modern health center”.

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