Full-scale time-frame registration booking and consultation

To intensify the efforts of routinized responses to COVID-19, hold the well-being and safety of visiting citizens, and avoid congregation, our outpatient clinic has put the “full-scale time-frame registration booking and consultation” into practice. To intensify the efforts of full-scale outpatient booking management, the field registration will be cancelled from 11 May onwards. Any patient who seeks medical consultation at the hospital must complete the real-name booking. For ease of medical consultation, all booking channels are accessible on the day of consultation. The above notice is hereby given again.

Your understanding for any inconvenience will be appreciated!

I. Booking procedure

1. WeChat booking:

(1) “Healthy Ningbo” WeChat Official Account-Medical services-Booking registration

(2) “Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Hospital” WeChat Official Account-Medical consultation service-Booking registration

2. Alipay booking:

Alipay-Medical health-Booking registration-Booking by hospital-Select Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Hospital

3. Online booking:

Go to the portal site of Ningbo Public Health Service Platform at https://gzjk.nbwjw.gov.cn

4. Phone booking:


114, 12580, 55012320 (24 hours)

5. Field booking: self-service terminal booking, revisiting patient booking during the consultation 

II. Tips

1. Our booking service is available for the day of consultation and a patient can book the registration on the day of consultation via any of the above channels.

2. Strict access control is set in place at each entrance of the hospital. Any visiting citizen is requested to wear masks, present QR health codes, and subject to temperature detection.

3. For avoidance of crowding and less waiting time, any visiting patient is advised to arrive 30 minutes ahead of the booking period, claim a registration number and sign in at the outpatient area in order.

4. To avoid cross-infection, keep at a distancing of 1 meter in the waiting area, the counter area and the self-service terminal area.

5. In principle, each patient is accompanied by one person at most.

6. The principle "One patient and one consultation room" is strictly followed, and the consulting doctor will ask about the epidemiological history, and your cooperation will be appreciated.

7. Seek medical attention at the fever clinic, if:

(1) Fever (temperature detected ≧37.3°C).

Age ≥ 14 (Xingning Hospital Zone)

Primary and middle school students and preschool children with fever (temperature detected≧ 37.3°C), seek medical attention at the pediatric fever clinic. (Eastern Hospital Zone)

(2) Associated with epidemiological history within two weeks:

(3) With Respiratory symptoms (e.g.: coughing).

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